Intellectual Property

Every business uses and generates intellectual property (IP).  For many businesses, IP assets are integral to their core product or service offering. The protection of these assets is, therefore, crucial to the overall value of the business.  At Marriott Harrison, we understand the importance of IP rights – from a legal, strategic and business perspective.

Our expertise covers all areas of IP law, and our experience extends to advising clients across a range of industries on how to protect, manage, exploit and enforce their IP rights.

We specialise in:

  • brand protection, exploitation and enforcement (clearing new brands, filing and prosecuting trade mark applications (UK and EU), dealing with trade mark opposition and cancellation actions, and running brand policing and enforcement programmes);
  • copyright, design rights and database rights;
  • know-how and trade secrets;
  • domain names;
  • transfers and assignments of IP rights;
  • IP focused commercial agreements including licensing (including technology licensing), franchise and sponsorship agreements; and
  • advising on the IP aspects of corporate and secured lending transactions.