IP and IT

Our IP and IT team handles a wide range of matters for clients ranging from start-ups and early-stage businesses to significant global brands.

Our work regularly forms part of a wider corporate transaction where we advise buyers, sellers and investors on the IP and IT aspects of the deal.

Intellectual Property

Every business uses and generates intellectual property (IP).  For many businesses, IP assets are integral to their core product or service offering. The protection of these assets is, therefore, crucial to the overall value of the business.  At Marriott Harrison, we understand the importance of IP rights – from a legal, strategic and business perspective.

Our expertise covers all areas of IP law, and our experience extends to advising clients across a range of industries on how to protect, manage, exploit and enforce their IP rights.

We specialise in:

  • brand protection, exploitation and enforcement (clearing new brands, filing and prosecuting trade mark applications (UK and EU), dealing with trade mark opposition and cancellation actions, and running brand policing and enforcement programmes);
  • copyright, design rights and database rights;
  • know-how and trade secrets;
  • domain names;
  • transfers and assignments of IP rights;
  • IP focused commercial agreements including licensing (including technology licensing), franchise and sponsorship agreements; and
  • advising on the IP aspects of corporate and secured lending transactions.



For a technology business, technology is at the heart of everything it does.  It is critical, therefore, that the technology is protected in order that the business can maximise the value that it extracts from it.  For other businesses, procuring and implementing a technology solution that achieves the desired results often requires a significant time and money investment.  Ensuring that the business is legally protected should anything go wrong is, therefore, vital.

We provide specialist advice to both technology businesses and to businesses using technology solutions, and understand the challenges and issues faced by both. We work with our clients to understand their objectives to ensure our advice adds real value to their business.

We advise on a wide range of technology matters ranging from terms and conditions for start-up “platform” businesses to large scale IT procurements.

We advise a wide range of technology VC investors, technology businesses, entrepreneurs and other businesses using technology solutions.

Our experience includes:

  • Software licensing agreements;
  • Software development agreements;
  • Hosting agreements;
  • Support and maintenance agreements;
  • Cloud based and software as a service (SaaS) agreements;
  • Website development agreements;
  • Hardware purchasing agreements;
  • E-commerce advice and regulatory compliance; and
  • The use of cookies and similar technologies.

The team at Marriott Harrison understands what is important in our transactions and how to get deals done efficiently and effectively. Their experience in the technology sector is excellent.

Simon Williams, Balderton Capital

We engaged Marriott Harrison to review some software contracts relating to a bespoke licensing deal with a large software vendor. As a startup, these contracts were crucial to our business, but we had a limited budget. Over several weeks, MH worked closely with us and our counterpart’s lawyers, reviewing and marking up multiple drafts of the contracts. We were delighted with MH's approach, focusing on key issues without getting bogged down in the detail and providing business as well as legal guidance where appropriate. We would definitely recommend them.

Chris Rimmer (Co-founder and COO), Application Readiness Ltd