Joseph Tendler
Senior Associate

I am a Senior Associate in the dispute resolution team at Marriott Harrison.

My experience incorporates a broad spectrum of complex, high-value and cross-border commercial disputes arising from contractual claims, company and partnership disputes including in relation to breach of directors’ statutory and fiduciary duties as well as shareholder claims, fraud and professional negligence. That experience also encompasses seeking and defending against interim and final injunctive relief on behalf of clients. In particular, I have experience of disputes arising from the trading of specialist financial products, for example, Target Rich International Ltd v. Forex Capital Markets Ltd [2020] EWHC 1544 (Comm), and long-running litigation in which regulatory, criminal and civil proceedings ran in parallel, for example Aeroflot v. The Estate of Boris Berezovsky & Ors [2018] EWHC 1735 (Ch).

In order to provide a complete service, I also offer advisory services to help clients to try to avoid litigation or to resolve their disputes by alternative means such as mediation or expert determination. My clients have included high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, partnerships and charities, both domestic and international.

I am also a qualified solicitor-advocate with higher rights of audience before all Courts in England and Wales.