MH Update Spring 2014

Tuesday 22nd April, 2014


Thank you for taking time to read through our Spring Update.

I am delighted to announce that Andrew Wigfall who joined us last year has become a equity partner in the firm. Since he joined it has become clear that Andrew has a very valuable contribution to make in every aspect of the firm’s development and the Equity Partners are very pleased that Andrew is joining them. Equally Andrew is delighted with the platform that the firm offers to develop further the technology venture capital practice which has successfully transitioned with him.

We have also been joined this month by Daniel Jacob as a partner in the corporate department and we look forward to working with him and to introducing him to the firm’s clients. Tim Bee has recently taken up a position as head of legal at Toscafund Asset Management LLP. We wish him well in his new venture and look forward to working with him in the future in his new capacity.

Without wishing to jinx it for everyone, the economy does genuinely seem to be improving and we have seen this reflected in increased business activity across all departments of the firm. The M&A practice has been holding up well in any event but there is now also increased activity on AIM and a positive surge in work relating to the tech sector. The real estate department in particular found that they were representing a significant number of overseas tech companies setting up a place of business in London. We live and work in a city which continues to be a great attraction to businesses around the world. Long may it continue.

Of course the co-incidence of Spring and an economic recovery has given free rein to commentators to bring out numerous hackneyed comparisons between growth in the economy and growth in the garden. They are somewhat reminiscent of Peter Sellers in his role as Chance the gardener in Being There where his literal statements are taken as profound insights: “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.” He ends up advising the President on the back of such wisdom. I think I must have been taken in by the frequency of such comparisons because recently I was slightly puzzled when looking at some board minutes of a corporate client and read that they had, after mature thought and consideration, decided that it was in the best interests of the company to approve an allotment. Green shoots indeed.

Jonathan Pearce

MH Corporate