MH Update Autumn 2014

Friday 24th October, 2014


Welcome to the Autumn MH Update. There are a number of very topical subjects covered in these articles.

Since our last publication the domestic market has seemed more lively and each of our practice groups is seeing higher levels of activity than for the same time last year. I hope this is reflected in your own business.

Recent activity, for the first time in a while, has included M&A, private equity, property and public markets all being active at the same time. We have gained British Land as a client, floated The Fulham Shore PLC on AIM  and Wayne Cadogan chalked up a notable employment tribunal success for the Brazilian Embassy including, crucially, arranging for live video evidence to be given to the tribunal in London from a link in Saudi Arabia.

I am delighted to report that, since the last MH Update, David Bettis has qualified as a solicitor and is now working in the Corporate Department.  We also have a new trainee Sive Ozer who started with us on 1st September and Lindsey Armstrong will be joining, also as a trainee, on 1st November.

Sadly, however, we will be losing Peter Curnock who retires in March after approximately 10,000 days at Marriott Harrison. We will miss his practical advice (and his practical  jokes).

Other highlights for us have been a good smattering of international work and increasing involvement in Primerus which is the international network of which we are a member and which now includes correspondents in 39 jurisdictions. The members are generally firms with boutique practices like Marriott Harrison but, like us they have lawyers with big firm backgrounds who can operate at a senior level. Most recently David Bennett has been working with the Primerus firm in Poland and Peter Curnock was contacted by the Malta firm for assistance on a litigation case. If you have needs overseas then we would be happy to assist in finding the right firm to help.

I hope you enjoy reading our Update. If there are questions arising from the articles then please contact the relevant author.

As well as that, your feedback on us, on the work we do for you and on what more we could do for you, is extremely important. Please feel free to discuss any aspect of this with your contact at the firm or with me.

Jonathan Pearce