MH Restructuring

Friday 9th December, 2016

“Brexit”– Implications for Business Rescue?

As with everything else EU-related at the moment, it is hard to discern the full scope of the legal framework which will apply to UK businesses which succumb to financial troubles in the coming months and years.

The purely domestic legislation governing insolvency and restructuring is about to undergo some changes with a wholesale update of the Insolvency Rules. The current Insolvency Rules date back to 1986 and have been subject to revision on no less than 23 occasions since then. The new Insolvency Rules will come into effect in April 2017 as a fully revamped consolidation of the detailed rules which complement the broad provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986, which remains the central piece of legislation governing insolvent debtors (both corporate and individual) in the UK.