MH International

Thursday 9th November, 2017

In addition to advising on a steady stream of international commercial contracts, particularly IP licences and those involving regulated products and services, we have also recently been involved in a number of cross-border corporate transactions, three of which have some common threads and are mentioned below.

The two main threads are that the transactions have all come from long-standing relationships and have a connection with the USA.  They have all required co-operation with lawyers and other advisers in different jurisdictions, sometimes alongside for the same client and sometimes in opposition for different clients, but always with a common commercial goal.

One such transaction involved Arq, which has developed a patented technology to produce micro fine hydrocarbons from coal waste for blending into petroleum and coal products.  It has raised substantial funds to construct its first commercial plant in Corbin, Kentucky and is poised to roll-out its technology globally.  We worked alongside lawyers in the US and the Channel Islands to assist our mutual client to achieve its fundraising target in a timely manner from investors based in a number of different jurisdictions worldwide.  We first worked with the lead manager, a serial entrepreneur, and his team on another transaction in another industry and continent over 10 years ago.

Articles by Hugh Gardner