MH Dispute Resolution

Tuesday 4th April, 2017

Recovering debts and resolving disputes – without it costing the earth

The decision to commence Court proceedings can be a daunting one.  Litigation is expensive, time consuming and there is no guarantee of success.  There are, however, alternatives to traditional costly Court proceedings:


Mediation is an effective tool used to resolve disputes of all values and complexities at a fraction of the cost of litigation.  The usual format involves a mediator (usually a lawyer) bringing opposing parties together in one location for a day or half a day.  There is often an “all parties” initial meeting followed by “shuttle diplomacy” during which the mediator will shuttle between the parties who will be located in separate rooms.  The aim is for the mediator to try to narrow the issues and focus the parties’ minds on the legal and commercial realities of their dispute so that they may be more agreeable to settling.  Mediation can be used whether or not proceedings have been issued.