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Conflicts of interest: keeping the members of the Artist’s

Conflict of interest, you’re split right in two
Your convictions lie between your shadow and you
When I need your help and I’m heading your way
Both of your halves turn the same shade of grey
Conflict of interest1


The economic downturn continues. Digital distribution of sound recordings – both legal and unauthorised – has forever altered the revenue models of the record business. The advances from plentiful, large scale record and publishing deals that were once used as the basis for cash-flowing the early years of an artist’s career have diminished to a trickle. The desire of record companies to preserve their hegemony over the music industry has led them to attempt to divert to themselves others of an artist’s revenue conduits. As a consequence, the funds that were once available to adequately cover the cost of professional advice and properly remunerate other members of an artist’s team during the early stages of his career may now be required to cover an artist’s more basic needs.