Employment Law Bulletin September 2016


Well, that was an uneventful summer wasn’t it? We’re back for another round-up of employment cases and I promise not to mention Brexit at all (apart from then).

There has been a rash of discrimination cases recently so this month’s bulletin is something of a discrimination special. If you like this (albeit accidental) themed approach, let us know, and we might make it a regular thing…

Maintaining pay after a reasonable adjustment

Employers are required by the Equality Act 2010 to make “reasonable adjustments” to assist disabled employees in certain circumstances. One common reasonable adjustment is the provision of alternative work. The disabled employee may no longer be able to do ‘job A’, but if he or she is capable of doing ‘job B’ then offering that alternative work might well be a reasonable adjustment. But what if ‘job B’ is paid at a lower rate? Does the employer have to continue paying the higher salary?