Employment Law Bulletin May 2015


Well, who saw that coming?  New governments often herald employment law changes, and this time last month we were all confidently expecting some sort of coalition which was likely to make significant changes to the law, in particular in relation to the much-maligned (by Claimants, at least) Employment Tribunal fees regime.  Now that the Conservatives have surprised everyone by managing to form a majority government, it seems that Tribunal fee reform is unlikely to be happening anytime soon.  Instead, if the manifesto commitments are implemented (and that is quite a big if) then we can expect stricter thresholds for industrial action, particularly in “essential services”, and the introduction of three days’ paid leave for people working in companies with over 250 employees or the public sector for the purposes of volunteering – the latter being part of David Cameron’s Big Society concept, which we must admit we thought had been quietly put out to pasture.