Employment Law Bulletin July 2016


The shockwaves of the decision taken on 23 June will be felt for years, if not decades, to come. We already have a new Prime Minister and a –ahem- controversial Foreign Secretary, and Brexit has the potential to transform our economic and legal landscape in profound ways. But will employment law be affected by all this?

As with so much at the moment, it is not certain, and much depends on the sort of relationship with the EU that the UK ends up enjoying. If, as some advocate, the UK becomes a member of the European Free Trade Association and remains within the single market as part of the European Economic Area (like Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) then it is possible that very little will change. EFTA countries are automatically bound by the Directives passed by the EU relating to employment law and are equally subject to decisions made by the European Court of Justice – albeit through their own EFTA Court.