Working at MH

MH Discover

MH Discover is our internal place for our team to connect, learn and collaborate. At MH we recognise the importance of diversity of thought, curiosity and wellbeing. Our series of events attended by exciting and motivational guest speakers has encouraged discovery and exploration of important topics such as sustainable living, visual diet, unconscious bias and homelessness to name just a few.

MH Alumni

MH is built on relationships, particularly those with colleagues. We still value those relationships when people have moved on so we are keen to stay in touch with former colleagues and to help them stay in touch with each other.

The MH Alumni Group has been set up so that we can have some social and networking events for Alumni along with current members of the firm, so if you are a former MH partner or employee and would like to be included, please click here to request to become a member of our closed LinkedIn group.