CSR and Charity Partnerships

Contributing to the communities in which we live and work has always been important to us at Marriott Harrison and we’re proud of our track record of volunteering, mentoring, fundraising, minimising our impact on the environment and promoting diversity and inclusion.

We endeavour to help by doing, not only giving and we try to focus on supporting initiatives in the local community to us in Central London as well as well-known charities including Age UK Camden and the London Legal Support Trust. Our firm charity of the year is Friends of Essex and London Homeless which is a small charity working to help homeless people by, amongst other things, providing food, clothing and other essential items to people sleeping on the streets in Central London and Essex. 

We recently partnered with Waste to Wonder by donating over £25,000 of office equipment. You can find out how we support the community in the report below.

Waste to Wonder CSR report.