Deeptech navigation startup, Waymap, secures funding in recent investment round

Friday 10th May, 2024

The London-based deeptech startup, Waymap, has recently announced the completion of a £7m seed funding round, which was led by TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good. 

Waymap was initially designed to enhance the lives of the visually impaired, using a phone’s motion sensor and the user’s step to navigate indoors, outdoors and underground. With no signal required, the reliable step-by-step navigation relies on their algorithm, SmartStep, which improves the lives and efficiency of all commuters to move around a built-up environment. 

This round of further investment, will allow Waymap to expand internationally, increasing their presence in the Middle East and Asia as well as continuing to bolster their growth in North America and Europe as they plan to make every city in the world accessible to anyone, anywhere.  

Graham Halliday and Kimberley Lam’s Descamps were pleased to advise TELUS on this round of funding, furthering our credentials in deeptech. 

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