Connecting What Matters – H.B. Fuller Company acquires the Beardow Adams Group

Wednesday 9th August, 2023

Marriott Harrison was delighted to act for longstanding clients the shareholders of Beardow Adams Holdings Ltd on the share sale of the Beardow Adams Group to New York Stock Exchange listed H.B. Fuller Company.

The Beardow Adams Group is a globally recognised adhesive manufacturer, covering a range of markets with a broad international reach with manufacturing capabilities across numerous application areas including packaging, construction, automotive, and medical.

Group CEO Adrian Day expressed his appreciation for Marriott Harrison’s role in the deal, “Having worked in Private Equity-owned businesses in addition to completing many one company acquisitions, it was the first time for me to be on the sale side of a transaction. Ian and Daisy provided excellent advice and support during a complicated sale to a large international corporate. Due to the international structure of Beardow Adams, we effectively needed to complete seven due diligence exercises, a company disposal, and deal with the complexities of minority shareholders in overseas subsidiary companies. The Marriott Harrison team worked closely with us throughout to pull the wider transaction team together and work through complex tax issues in addition to providing excellent legal advice to get the deal done. Thank you to Daisy and Ian.”

Co-founder and Sales Director Nick Beardow commented, “The team at Marriott Harrison worked tirelessly throughout the process, and especially in the last weeks to meet the tight deadlines imposed by the transacting parties. They did so without complaining, yet continued to ensure that no corners were cut in the pursuit of speed. Their professionalism, warmth and sincerity shone through from beginning to end. I’m pleased we chose Marriott Harrison to be our support team for the sale of Beardow Adams.”

Ian Morris said, “Having been involved with the Beardow Adams business for some time and seen it grow into a genuine global business, we were delighted to be able to act for the shareholders on their very successful exit. We believe that the acquisition of the business by H.B. Fuller Company will see the business go from strength to strength. We wish Nick Beardow and Bob Adams the very best for whatever comes next for them and wish Adrian Day and the rest of the management team every success as they move forward with the H.B. Fuller Group.”

Daisy Divoká and Ian Morris led the Marriott Harrison team with support from James Fleming and Lisle Gannon.

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