Hack The Box: creating and connecting cyber-ready humans

Thursday 2nd February, 2023

Marriott Harrison advised Hack The Box, the online cybersecurity training platform, on its $55m Series B funding led by Carlyle. Hack The Box’s platform empowers individuals and organisations to level up their offensive and defensive security skills.

Hack The Box has over 1.7 million community members, as well as 1,500 enterprise, university, and government customers that make use of the ‘hacking playground’. This latest funding is a testament to the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions and the faith that investors have in Hack The Box to deliver cutting-edge technology.

This significant fundraise will be used to further develop Hack The Box’s innovative platform, which offers businesses worldwide the opportunity to test their cybersecurity capabilities through simulated hacking scenarios. Chief Information Security Officers and other senior cybersecurity decision-makers increasingly turn to Hack The Box to assess how secure their organisations look from an attacker’s perspective.

Hack The Box is ranked number 3 on the Top 100 start-ups at Startups 100.

“We are delighted to have played a key role in helping one the most exciting start-ups around on their Series B funding round,” said Graham Halliday, Senior Associate at Marriott Harrison. “Hack The Box is an exciting and innovative company, and we are thrilled to have joined their journey as they continue to make a real impact in the cybersecurity industry.”

Commenting on the funding, Haris Pylarinos, Founder and CEO at Hack The Box, said, “our mission is to create and connect cyber-ready humans and organisations through highly engaging hacking experiences that cultivate out-of-the-box thinking. Graham and his team provided us with invaluable support, and went above and beyond to get the deal completed on schedule.”

Graham Halliday led the Marriott Harrison team, which included Sean Kelly, Zoha Khalaj-Mehri and Katerina Heal.

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