Cellesce sale to Mollecular Devices: revolutionising drug discovery

Tuesday 10th January, 2023

Marriott Harrison advised the shareholders of long-standing client, Cellesce Ltd, on its sale to Molecular Devices, LLC, a leading provider of high-performance life science and part of the Danaher Corporation.

Cellesce specialises in the development and manufacturing of large scale patient-derived organoids. The sale will enable Cellesce to manufacture and implement its technology in human-relevant 3D biology research on a mass scale to benefit customers all over the world.

Vicky Marsh-Durban, CEO of Cellesce, commented: “Molecular Devices has the capability, reputation, reach, and resources to ensure that the Cellesce technology can be further developed, and used to its full potential. We’re excited to bring our domain expertise and intellectual property to Molecular Devices, together maximising impact for customers in revolutionising drug discovery and unlocking the full potential of human-relevant 3D biology research.”

MH has acted for Cellesce over a number of years on previous investment rounds.

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