Marriott Harrison features in the “Member Spotlight” of Primerus magazine Paradigm’s January 2022 edition, celebrating Primerus’ 30th anniversary

Tuesday 18th January, 2022

Associate Charlotte Lewczynski has written an article for the January 2022 edition of the Primerus magazine Paradigm on how Marriott Harrison has “built a dynamic, comprehensive and integrated offering to help clients navigate the opportunities and challenges of the markets in which they operate” through upholding the values of the ‘Six Pillars of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms’.

In the article, Charlotte explores the importance placed on “continuing legal education” at Marriott Harrison. This is one of Primerus’ ‘Six Pillars’ and plays a crucial role in the development of Marriott Harrison lawyers and their commitment to providing exceptional advice to help our clients realise their ambitions.

The article is available to read and download below.

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