MH at the London Transmedia Fest – Saturday 27 October 2012

Tuesday 30th October, 2012

Marriott Harrison LLP Head of Media, Tony Morris, gave a presentation entitled “Maximising the Value of Intellectual Property in Film and Media” at the London Transmedia Fest 2012.   The audience consisted of film, television and digital media producers.   The session was organised by Ravensbourne, theLondonbased training institute, innovating in digital media and design.  Other contributors to the event included Ed Blum (Tinpan Films), Matt Campion ( Social Media Factory), Matt Hieman (Diagonal View), Chantelle Rickards (Head of Programming at MEC Global), Serena Cullen (Serena Cullen Productions), Utku Can Akyuz (Mint Digital), Ian Wharton (Zolmo) and Robert Pratton (Founder of Transmedia Storyteller). In response to the audience’s request, the slides for Tony’s presentation may be found here:

Maximising the value of Intellectual Property in Film and Media