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Marriott Harrison has been helping our clients address the challenges that Covid-19 has presented since the outbreak started. Our priority has remained to continue to provide quality service and advice to our clients while protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff and those with whom we work. We are open for business and operating normally.

As the situation evolves, we want you to be fully aware of our commitment to helping you continue to achieve your objectives. We are following the advice from the relevant government and health authorities and have successfully implemented a number of business continuity initiatives. In particular, our IT infrastructure enables our lawyers and support teams to work remotely and is working well, so please contact us as you normally would. As a testament to our adaptability, since mid-June this year we have been successfully conducting our annual Summer Vacation Scheme for prospective trainee solicitors virtually. We continue to develop a ‘return to office’ plan in line with government advice.

Thank you for your continued support. We wish you, our friends, the very best through this challenging time.

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We will not accept service of court related or other documents by post, DX or hand delivery until further notice.

Hugh Gardner, Managing Partner

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