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Joint Ventures

The team offers strategic advice on the structurings and implementation of all types of joint venture, from co-venturing arrangements, contractual joint ventures, partnerships and the like.

Often, these types of transactions provide complex challenges in respect of tax, regulatory and other corporate restructurings.

Our team works closely with you, your lenders and accountants to find pragmatic and commercially viable solutions for your needs,


  • Fugro Robertson/Carl Zeiss on the joint venture for the development of “in theatre” petrochemical analysis equipment
  • DM London Limited on shareholder documentation for Rolex outlet at One Hyde Park
  • Issa London Limited on joint venture arrangements for leading Brazilian fashion label
  • Bulgarian Property Management LLP in respect of shareholder issues for development of property in Bulgaria
  • Zeptolab UK Limited on the advice on the English law of the joint venture arrangements for the hugely successful “cut-the-rope” game

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